Puppie / Kitten: Feed 3-4 times per day. Remove uneaten food in 10-20 minutes.

Pregnant: Increase her food 15% weekly from the 5th week.

Nursing: Keep BUTCH and fresh water available at all times.

Switching to Butch: Mix increasing amounts of BUTCH with decreasing amounts of your cats previous food over a 5 day period until you are feeding only BUTCH.

This is intended as a guide only, individual needs may vary depending on age, activity level, supplementary diet, breed etc.

Both dogs and cats are carnivorous animals. Their bodies are designed to eat meat, just look at their sharp and pointy teeth! This is why Butch rolls are made with at least 80% fresh (no powdered meat or meat meal). The meat is lightly cooked, ensuring that the maximum natural goodness of the meat is retained. All meat used in Butch rolls meets the quality of New Zealand’s exportations.

Butch rolls are enriched with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients required for the total health of your pets. Omega-3 and fish oil are also good for your pets’ skin, coat and joints.

Butch, the market leader in New Zealand, has been trusted for over 40years.

No longer need to store and remember several different products for each of your pets. Butch rolls are nutritionally complete for all life stages including growth and pregnancy. Butch does not have any laboratory testing on animals. Butch is made with no sugar, no wheat, no gluten, no yeast, no artificial flavours and low salts. It should be one of the best selection for your pets.

Butch selects fresh beef, lamb and chicken collected from NZFSA, whose officers frequantly visit the factory to ensure all preparation, cooking, processing, packing and procedures meet their requirements.

Butch can give your pets a happier and healthier life. Improve pets’ inspiratory system , coat smell, skin condition significantly. These are just few of the comments we frequently get from our customers.

All products need to be kept in fridge.
Once opened your BUTCH roll will stay fresh in the fridge for 7-10 days.
Cut the roll into slices and then into smaller squares and serve.

Canned Pet Food is cooked for over an hour at 120 Degree Celsius. Dry Pet Food is either baked at over 200 Degree Celsius or pressure-cooked at extremely hight temperature. Those process will take away the nutrition of meat and vegetables.

BUTCH Pets Food are lightly cooked between 80-98 Degree Celsius for not less than 15 minutes. This not only ensures the safety of the meat but as it is cooked for only a short time it maintains the integrity of the nutrients.

Butch pets food is keeping at an average temperature  of 4-8 degrees Celsius, rather than frozen at low temperature. Butch pets food is safety for pets. However, pets may suffer short-term mild diarrhea when faced with food transfers. The condition usually takes five to ten days for pets to adapt to the shifting food.

Omega-3有助腦部及視力發展,並減低風濕關節炎及抑制動物的癌症及腫瘤生長。 海藻是自然界裡的維他命、礦物質和氨基酸的來源之一,有助於寵物消化系統發展,促進皮毛生長及亮麗,幫助滋潤皮膚及預防皮膚病,並且被認定為對抗轉糧緊迫症及幫助生長的最佳物質。

Omega-3 is essential for the development and function of brain, immune system, reproductive issue, retina and skin. 

Kelp is enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Kelp helps the development of digestive system , improves coat and skin condition, moisturises pet’s skin and prevents skin diseases.

Butch pets food can be directly heated by microwave oven. Put appropriate amount of Butch roll into microwave oven, heating for 10-15 seconds, then feed the hot meal to your pets. The process will not cause odor in the microwave oven.

Plaque forms naturally and continuously. Plaque is deposition of food debris and bacteria. The building up of plaque contributes to bad breath and periodontal disease (infection of teeth and gums) and eventually teeth loss. Unlike dry food, which comes in small pieces, Butch surrounds the teeth and gums with finely ground bone which gently cleams your pets’ teeth as they chew.

Butch products contain yucca, which can reduce bad breath and smell of defecation. As for the main cause of defecation malodor, the main reason is the additives in the feed, which is mainly caused by excessive plant-based crude protein, foreign matter or chemical substances in the feed. Dogs and cats are carnivorous animals, the enzymes in their intestines and stomach can break down animal protein easily and quickly. Since the main ingredients of general feeds contain a lot of plant protein and starch, they often cause indigestion and the release of histamine in the body. After these undigestible plant proteins are discharged out of the body, they often cause ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, and produce a foul smell. If the histamine releases too much, later symptoms may even cause skin lesions.

New Zealand has stringent bio-security measures, strict quarantine laws, high levels of food traceability and worldwide recognition for its disease-free status. This includes pet food, which in New Zealand is controlled by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)。

Yucca is a natural plant additive, which has the following benefits for pets:

Regulate the intestinal environment: help stabilize the pH in the pet’s intestines, provide and maintain a normal intestinal environment, and control the number of coccidia.

Improve the absorption of nutrients and increase the utilization of protein: The saponins in Yucca can change the morphology of the epithelial cell membrane of the digestive tract and promote the absorption of nutrients. The saponins are not absorbed in the intestine, which can delay the passage rate of the contents of the digestive tract and increase the digestibility. 

Improve the body’s immunity and reduce the incidence of diseases: Yucca helps thicken the intestinal mucosa, inhibits the absorption and proliferation of nutrients in the digestive tract by viruses and harmful bacteria.