In the wild a big cat’s diet includes organs, bone and flesh from their prey. Carnivore has been formulated to include these important nutrient rich ingredients.
Bpf uses only fresh chicken and lamb of New Zealand origin that is solely from the MPI (Ministry of Primary Industry) inspected and monitored establishments.

In addition to using only high quality, disease free, poison free meat, to further ensure the safety of Carnivore for both animal and keeper, the meat is cooked. It is then enriched with additional vitamins (including Taurine), minerals and Omega-3 oil.

Carnivore is sealed in clean and convenient 3kg rolls that can be refrigerated for up to 8 months before opening.

NZ Chicken, NZ Lamb, Selected Cereals, Omega-3 derived from fish, Gel Blend, Added Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins A、B1( Thiamine)、B2、B3、B6、B12、D、E、K、Folic Acid、 Calcium Pantothenate

Calcium、 Phosphorus、 Sodium、 Magnesium、  Choline Chloride、鐵Iron、 Zinc、 Copper、 Manganese、 Iodine、  Selenium

Crude protein (wet basic)> 9%77.25
Crude Fat> 7%60.09
Crude Fibre< 1%8.58
Salt< 0.4%3.43

3 kilogram